1) Use Indivisible’s peer to peer calling tool to make calls to someone in a key red state to urge them to call their MoCs to say no to the tax scam!

2) Our Indivisible NJ4 T- shirt campaign has been relaunched:

3) The next Indivisible NJ4 member meeting is Wednesday, Dec. 13, 7-9 PM at the Beach Haus in Belmar. Please join to continue our planning to challenge Smith!

Background 1
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced plans to roll back Obama era net neutrality rules. If you don’t know what net neutrality is or why it’s important, this John Oliver video explains it best:
But in short, this move would basically give massive telecommunications companies the ability to slow down internet speeds on sites that they don’t like or that don’t pay them extra. It would cripple the internet as a tool for free speech and dissent.

1a)Let’s start calling Congressman Smith’s office in D.C. at 202-225-3765 around 10:00AM

Caller: Hello, I am a constituent of Rep. Smith’s; may I speak with the staffer who handles telecommunications?

I’m calling to express my support for Net Neutrality and a fair and open Internet. I’d like to ask Representative Smith to contact FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and demand he abandon his plan to overturn Net Neutrality and Title II oversight. Net neutrality is a free speech issue with broad bipartisan support, and it is time for Congress to take a stand and urge Chairman Pai to cancel the vote in December.

Note: If you own a small business and use the internet to make your money in any way, this affects you, and you should say so!

1b)Leave a comment on the proceedings on the FCC website:

1. On your computer (not your phone!) go to:
2. In the field “Proceeding(s), type the numbers 17-108.
3. Complete your name, email and address.
4. In comments field, write this comment: “I support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. I support net neutrality.”
Fill in the form carefully; they’ve made it less friendly and impossible to fill in from a mobile device.

Further reading:

Background 2
Republican leaders have made the Senate tax bill even worse by including a repeal of the ACA’s individual mandate, which according to the CBO would result in 13 million fewer people having health insurance, and would drive up insurance premiums for many Americans by roughly 10 percent. It is estimated that 325,000 people in New Jersey would lose health insurance coverage, and 1,030,100 New Jersey families would see a tax increase.

Yesterday (Wednesday 11/29), the Motion to Proceed on the Senate bill passed along party lines, without any hearings or substantive debate. The full Senate vote could happen as early as today. If the Senate manages to get its bill through, the House will vote again, almost immediately, this time on the Senate version. The House will almost surely vote on whatever the Senate passes. That’s why we have to make sure that we stop the Senate from passing its TrumpCare/Tax Scam bill. With Republicans attempting to ram through their bill, we need our Senators to use their voices in these last moments to garner all the public attention possible to expose this bill as a scam!

2) Let’s start calling our Senators (Booker D.C. 202-224-3224, Newark 973-639-8700; Menendez D.C. 202-224-4744, Newark 973-645-3030) around 10:00AM

Caller: Hello, I am a constituent of the Senator’s; may I please speak with the staffer who handles budgetary concerns?

I am calling with my strong opposition to the Republican tax bill. The bill is a scam that will give massive cuts to the wealthy, paid for by repealing the ACA’s individual mandate which will leave hundreds of thousands of people in NJ uninsured, raise premiums, and raise taxes on middle-class families. I appreciate that the Senator has publicly stated his opposition to the bill, but I’m asking for him to do more. Will the Senator use his platform today to make public appearances and voice strong public statements against the bill? Additionally, I want the Senator to introduce hundreds of amendments during vote-a-rama to force Senate Majority Leader McConnell to use the parliamentarian to cut off vote-a-rama. The Senator should stall the vote by offering amendments rather than coming to an agreement to let vote-a-rama end. I want to see the Senate return to regular order to create a tax plan that works for all Americans. Thank you.

If you have a personal story to relate to this issue, and are comfortable sharing it, please do – our elected officials want to hear how their policies affect our lives!