1) Wed. March 14, 4-5pm:  Rep. Smith’s birthday/retirement celebration at his Freehold Office – 112 Village Center Drive in the Raintree Shopping Center. There will be cards to fill with messages, or bring your own.
2)Outraged about gun violence? Attend our area’s Moms Demand Action meeting on March 14th at 7PM in Spring Lake,
BONUS ACTION: Deadline is a March 9 to submit your comment through the link below to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to tell them to keep oil rigs away from our coasts!
The Supreme Court declared it would not hear the legal challenges to the DACA program until it plays out in lower federal court rulings, and with no obvious end date in sight for the lower court rulings, Trump’s arbitrary March 5 deadline to end DACA is essentially meaningless (for the time being). Still, this is no excuse for Congress not to act. Negotiations have stalled in the Senate, and Trump has called for harmful provisions that would reshape legal immigration.
Short of the Dream Act, we need to push for as limited a bill as possible. It must include relief for Dreamers, but should not include the harmful, nativist provisions that the White House has proposed.
Let’s call Congressman Smith’s office in D.C. at 202-225-3765
Caller: Hello, I am a constituent of Rep. Smith’s; may I speak with the staffer who handles immigration?
I’m calling to tell Rep. Smith that Congress must pass a legislative fix for Dreamers and that I urge him to reject making wholesale changes to legal migration or diversity visas in return for protections for Dreamers. Trump’s “four pillars” would completely reshape our legal immigration system, and go far beyond the narrow fix needed to prevent DACA recipients from being deported. Rep. Smith should oppose the family ban, more ICE agents, and the border wall.
And once again, I want Rep. Smith to know that I strongly urge him to cosponsor and publicly support a clean Dream Act. It is unfair and immoral for Trump to use to use the lives of hundreds of thousands of young DACA recipients as bargaining chips to score political gains. Thank you.
FYI:  If the staffer tries to throw the RAC Act bill at you as a solution for Dreamers, you can state your dissatisfaction. The downsides are the age, educational and employment restrictions.
Senate vote Tuesday 3/6 on S. 2155, the deceivingly-titled Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, a sneaky roll back of Dodd-Frank protections.
Let’s call our Senators (Booker D.C. 202-224-3224, Newark 973-639-8700; Menendez D.C. 202-224-4744, Newark 973-645-3030)…
Caller: Hello, I am a constituent of the Senator’s; may I speak with the staffer who handles banking and financial services?
I urge the Senator to vote NO on S. 2155, the deceivingly-titled Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. This bill goes way beyond helping community banks. In fact, prominent banks that this bill helps include Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Santander. And even worse, the bill puts us at risk of another financial crisis, it erodes consumer protections, and it allows racial discrimination in mortgage lending to go unchecked. Thank you.

If you have a personal story to relate to these issues, and are comfortable sharing it, please do – our elected officials want to hear how their policies affect our lives!